You're Sexting and We Know It

One in 5 Americans say they have sent sexy text messages, survey finds

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Think sexting is something for those crazy kids? Admit it: Grandmas sext, too.

The Los Angeles Times reports that one in five Americans  -- and one in 10 baby boomers -- are sending sexy text messages, according to a new survey from mobile security firm Lookout and conducted by Harris Interactive.

That’s not all. One in 10 also report recording naughty videos on their phones.

"The survey confirms Americans are using their smartphones in more ways than ever before, so there is more pressure to keep your smartphone privacy secure," a Lookout press release states. "Just think how embarrassing, reputation damaging or worse it would be if your sexts were exposed!"

And here we thought sexting was just for politicians.

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