18 Sexy Products That Are Secretly Healthy

Sex keeps you and your body young. Here are 18 items—big and small—that will help you enjoy every minute of it

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Get Hands-On

If you love massages but hate the greasy mess oils make, give your honey a Rub Me Massage Bar ($6; goodvibes.com). These mini discs melt into a creamy body butter when rubbed between the palms or over warm skin. The cocoa butter, shea butter and essential oil inside soothes the skin and leaves it silky smooth. Best of all, one bar is good for 10-12 massages. They’re available in a variety of scents, too—including English lavender and pomegranate mint—or even unscented.

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Play Games

Bored with your usual routine? Spice things up with I Dare You: 30 Sealed Seductions ($14.95; goodvibes.com). Each envelope inside this decorative, black velvet-lined box contains a card with either a “dare” or a “tell me” prompt designed to inspire intimacy and exploration.

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Plan a Great Escape

Reconnect with your spouse on a romantic retreat to a bed and breakfast. Select Registry is a database of more than 400 inns in North America with special occasion packages for romance, weddings, honeymoons, and activities like history and heritage, outdoors and nature, golf and ski, food and wine, spa and shopping and more. The organization also has a rewards program for repeat visits. For every 12 nights at a Select Registry Inn or Bed & Breakfast, you'll receive a $100 rewards certificate to use any of the organization's properties.

Pucker Up

Make your pout perfectly kissable with Mint Glaze FX ($22; coverfx.com). This clear, non-sticky gloss contains lip-nourishing ingredients such as shea butter and peppermint oil, as well as broad-spectrum UVA and UVB sun protection.

Cover FX

Help Him Read Your Mind

Give your honey a huge hint he won’t misinterpret with this flirty Naughty or Nice Reversible Eye Mask ($14; goodvibes.com). Once he catches on, it doubles nicely as a blindfold.

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Learn New Moves

Based on the ancient Indian text of sexuality and spiritual bliss, Acacia’s Dance of the Kama Sutra DVD ($12.47; acacialifestyle.com) teaches you graceful, fluid dance movements and meditations that will get you fit and put you in touch with your sensual side—a skill that is sure to pay off in the bedroom.


Rekindle Your Fire

Libido lagging? In The Sex Drive Solution for Women ($17.70; amazon.com) Jennifer Landa, MD—a 40-something wife mother and doctor who specializes in preventive and regenerative medicine—explores what could be dampening your desire (think: weight gain, fatigue, menopause) and how to fix it.

Atlantic Publishing

Share a Sex Toy

Increase your odds of orgasming with a hands-free vibrator your partner can enjoy, too. The We-Vibe 3 ($139; goodvibes.com) provides simultaneous internal and external stimulation DURING sex by stretching from your g-spot to your clitoris. Your partner simply slides in beneath it. This updated model of the award-winning original boasts six vibration modes, a stronger motor, longer-lasting batteries and a wireless remote control and charging base.

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Add Flavor

Bring some excitement into the bedroom with Masque Sexual Flavors ($9.95 for three; yourmasque.com). Designed to make fellatio, well, taste better, these orally-dissolvable gel strips block the flavor profile of semen and replace it with the taste of chocolate, strawberries, watermelon or mango. The ingredients remain active for up to 15 minutes, turning cool and minty before they disappear.

Get Comfy

Stay cool when things get hot by swapping your sheets for SHEEX ($159-$219; sheex.com). Besides being incredibly soft, this luxury bedding also breathes 50 percent better than cotton and wicks away moisture when you work up a sweat.


Save Time in the Sack

You won’t have to fiddle with multiple products when you use Trojan’s Her Pleasure Ecstasy Lubricated Condoms ($13.99; trojanvibrations.com). These stimulating sheaths come pre-lubricated (inside and out for a more natural-feeling experience) with a dual-action moisturizer that delivers warming and tingling sensations to both partners.


Read a Romance Novel

Reading erotic literature helps remind us of our body's responses to x-rated thoughts, which can ramp up desire, says Susan Kellogg, CRNP, PhD, co-founder of the Pelvic and Sexual Health Institute of Philadelphia where she is the director of Sexual Medicine. For a truly mouthwatering read, check out Scrumptious ($6.29; amazon.com), a contemporary romance novel written by a former pastry chef that teases you with sexual exploits and tantalizing cuisine.

Sourcebooks Casablanca

Prevent Pain

Although vaginal dryness can occur at any age, it’s a common complaint among women during and after menopause, which can make for some pretty uncomfortable sex. Help repair the skin down there with Aloe Cadabra ($9.95; aloecadabra.com). This edible moisturizer is made from 95 percent organic aloe vera and vitamin E—no petroleum, benzoic acid or other synthetic-based products as are found in other lubricants—and gets absorbed into vaginal tissue, reducing messiness.

Aloe Cadabra

Unwind Together

Start your evening off right with a soothing soak in the tub. These Relax Me Fizzy Bath Balls ($4; goodvibes.com) dissolve quickly, releasing a calming mix of essential oils, baking soda and appealing aromas.

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Expand Your Repertoire

For a fun take on the Kama Sutra, get playful with the 52-card Sex Deck ($14.95; goodvibes.com). Each one illustrates a sexual position, explains how it benefits both partners, and offers up variations for couples who want to get more (or less) adventurous.

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Tame Tenderness

If you’re looking for a spur of the moment sex aid, keep a bottle of Zestra Glide ($19.95; zestra.com) in your top drawer. This water-based lubricant can be used with any condom or toy, doesn’t stain and is long lasting. For an extra libido boost, pair it with Zestra Essential Arousal Oils, which have been proven to increase desire, arousal and satisfaction in 70 percent of women.


Achieve Bigger Os

The key to toe-curling orgasms? Strong pelvic floor muscles. Keep yours in tip-top shape with Laselle Kegel Exercisers ($12.95; intimina.com). These small, weighted balls (1-1.7 oz) are worn discreetly inside the vagina where they respond to movement, encouraging you to flex and relax your pelvic floor muscles as you walk around. An added benefit: They can also help reduce menopause- or pregnancy-induced incontinence.


Pump Up the Pleasure

According to Indiana University research, more than 70 percent of women say that using lubrication makes sex more comfortable and pleasurable, but men only use it about a quarter of the time. Encourage a higher compliance rate by buying a box of NüVo LIQuid Condoms ($5.99; nuvocondoms.com), which contains one lubricant packet per sheath.


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