Sharon Osbourne’s Got Talent

The judge of America’s Got Talent and co-host of The Talk dishes about family, plastic surgery and the worst TV show she ever did.

By Jessica Testa
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Photograph: Courtesy of NBC.

More: Why did you decide to have your breast implants removed?

SO: It’s still on my list to do, and hopefully I can do it this autumn. It’s a joke because they last a while, they look fantastic, but then they drop like everything else. And instead of just you dropping, you’ve now got a bag of saline swinging around your chest.

More: You’ve done so much in your career already—is there anything left you really want to do?

SO: I want to do more theater. I love the live audience. I did a short run of The Vagina Monologues in the UK and I just loved it.

More: Do you think that the perception of you has softened since you first came out with The Osbournes?

SO: I don’t really honestly know what people think of me. I hope they like me, but I’m not the sort of person who’s going to do market research on what people think of me. You just be yourself and you hope that people like you. And if they don’t, it’s OK, because they don’t really know you. I don’t think anybody wants to be in this industry and be disliked — other than Piers Morgan [laughs].

More: And Simon Cowell?

SO: Oh no, he’s not like that. He wants to be liked. He doesn’t want to be disliked at all. Take it from me!

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First Published July 21, 2011

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