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Michael Michael Kors

MICHAEL Michael Kors dyed silver fox (China) fur pompom keychain/bag charm. Golden hardware. Lobster clasp with logo charm. Approx.... 10.5L overall; 6 dia. pompom. Imported. read more


Buy Caravan Hair Accessories - Caravan Twin Hand Made Tokyo Band Twin handmade Tokyo headbands Comfortable, stylish, functional fo...r everyday use read more


Buy Mia Hair Accessories - Mia Headbands Metallic headbands perfect to accessorize with any outfit 1 wide


Buy Caravan Hair Accessories - Thin plastic animal print headband with fine teeth to keep hair in place.


Buy Caravan Hair Accessories - Caravan French Black Headband Medium width French headband in classic black Made of celluloid aceta...te 1/2 wideDetails provided by Caravan read more


Buy Mia Hair Accessories - Mia Hair Clip 3 L x 1 W Great hair tie alternative


Buy Caravan Hair Accessories - Caravan Large Crink Hair Pins in Tortoise Shell or Crystal Large crink hair pins are a basic, tried... and true solution to holding your hair in place 3.5 long A Pair (Crystal or Tortoise Shell)Details provided by Caravan read more

Direct Sound

Live Sound Monitoring - No more headphone bleed! The EX-25 headphones from Direct Sound offer unbelievable isolation - you won't h...ave the click track bleeding into your live microphones. Likewise, with the EX-25 extreme isolation headphones, drummers can actually hear the click track over the sound of their drums. These comfortable, closed-back headphones are a great choice for your project studio, but they're also great for just listening to your iPod or for blocking out background noise when you travel - passive isolation means there are no batteries to replace. And while other headphones sometimes measure their noise-reduction capabilities at one specific frequency, the EX-25 headphones give you an average of 25dB of noise reduction over a wide frequency range. EX-25s feature specially designed ear cushions, which are both comfortable and act as a superb barrier between the headphone's speakers and your live microphones. With the EX-25s, you don't have to worry about bleed ruining that perfect take.Most professional headphones (EX-25s included) deliver great sound, so the level of comfort they offer is the real factor that determines whether they're really worth buying or not. After all, if you can't stand wearing them for long sessions, it doesn't matter how good they sound. When you want closed-back headphones designed with wearability in mind, look to the EX-25s. A padded and adjustable headband lets you position them in just the right place while heavily padded ear cushions cup over your ear, creating a closed-back chamber of sound. What's more, the EX-25's long 9' cable lets you get ready to perform and monitor virtually anywhere in the studio.Here's another cool thing about EX-25s. We've all had that fumbling moment when we've picked up a pair of headphones and scrutinized each side of them for the little "L" and "R" markings before we've put them on - not a big deal, but it can be annoying in dark environments. The EX-25s make it even easier. The inside ear panel of the right ear cup is covered with bright red fabric, making it easily distinguishable from the left side in even the dimmest environments. As long as you remember "Red is Right," you'll never accidentally put on a pair of EX-25s backwards.Direct Sound EX-25 Isolating Headphones Features at a Glance: Extreme isolation headphones. Dynamic, closed-back design. 20Hz-20kHz frequency response. 40mm drivers. 32-ohm impedance. 9' cord. 1/8" stereo plug with gold-plated 1/4" adapter. 500mW maximum input power. Make headphone bleed a thing of the past with Direct Sound's amazing EX-25 isolating headphones! Headphones read more


Live Sound Monitoring - When you're onstage, nothing affects your show the way being able to hear yourself does. That's why just a...ny pair of earphones simply won't do. You need earphones that deliver the quality, isolation, and definition you demand. You need Shure SE535 triple-drive earphones. SE535s use three separate high-definition MicroDrivers to cover the whole frequency spectrum with staggering detail and clarity. Detachable and formable wire lets you easily achieve the perfect fit - absolutely essential onstage, where comfort is key and keeping your earbuds in is a necessity. Also, SE535 earphones use Shure's sound-isolating sleeves to block out noise, so you'll be able to hear your music or yourself as you never have before. Simply put, everyone at Sweetwater loves Shure SE535 in-ear monitoring earphones.Shure SE535 Earphones Features at a Glance: Excellent for in-ear monitoring . Triple high-definition MicroDrivers offer an unparalleled listening experience with spacious sound and rich bass. Detachable, formable wire allows easy replacement, personalized comfort, and additional functionality. Sound-isolating sleeves block outside noise and provide a custom fit. Get crystal clear mids, spacious highs, and thundering lows, all from a pair of discreet Shure SE535 earbuds! Earphones read more


Live Sound Monitoring - Armed with tuned bass ports, Shure SE315 in-ear monitors are the perfect way to monitor your sound onstage... or simply get the most out of your iPod. SE315s feature a redesigned, second generation Shure vented balanced-armature drivers, which give you sharp and clear audio. An included Fit Kit of molded flex and foam sleeves gives you all the size and style options you need to find the perfect fit for you. When you plug in your SE315s, you'll be amazed by how completely silent the outside world seems. No matter how you use them or what you use them for, you're going to love listening to music with Shure SE315 earphones!Shure SE315 Earphones Features at a Glance: Vented balanced-armature driver with tuned bass port. 22Hz-18.5kHz frequency range. 64" cable. Sound-isolating design blocks out most ambient noise. Fit Kit includes 3 sizes of flex and black foam sleeves. Durable and compact carrying case included. 2-year limited warranty on materials and workmanship. Shure SE315 earphones give you a great fit and killer bass so your music or mix will always come through strong and clear! Earphones read more


Live Sound Monitoring - The AKG K167 DJ headphones offer outstanding isolation from outside sound, making them perfect for in loud environments. They're ideal for live sound, DJ use, and studio work. Powerful 40mm drivers push high sound pressure levels while delivering the extended frequency response you need to make the right sonic decisions onstage. Made from extremely rugged glass-fiber-reinforced polymer parts, the AKG K167 DJ around-the-ear headphones will survive even the toughest of gigs. The 3D-Axis folding system is convenient for storage and transportation. If you're looking for high-performance professional-grade headphones optimized for DJs, Sweetwater recommends a pair of AKG K167 DJ headphones.AKG K167 DJ Headphones Features: Closed-back, circumaural design offers excellent isolation from noisy environments. Rugged glass-fiber-reinforced polymer parts for durability. 3D-Axis mechanism allows for flat folding. Powerful 40mm driver so you can hear yourself at the gig. 18' coiled cable. Comfortable padded headband. Enhance your DJ rig with the AKG K167 DJ headphones. Headphones read more


Bose SoundSport Pulse wireless headphones - Power Red Gender: Unisex. Age Group: Adult.


Package Includes: 1 x Kicker HP402MB Over Ear Audio Headphones - Black Sennheiser MX 680 Adidas Sports Earbuds KICKER recently unl...eashed its 39 years of high-performance audio knowledge and matched it with a unique twist of flash and expressi read more


Studio Monitors - Accurate headphone monitoring? Heres's a Sweetwater tip: you may not need to shell out the big bucks for top-of-...the-line 'phones. Your existing headphones may be capable of absolute accuracy, but physical limitations are keeping them from realizing their potential. The Sonarworks Reference 3 Headphone plug-in measures those limitations and creates a digital profile to correct them. Sonarworks' advanced technology produces impressive results, effortlessly. Realize the full potential of your headphones with the Sonarworks Reference 3 Headphone plug-in.Sonarworks Reference 3 Headphone Plug-in Features: Overcome the physical limitation of your headphones with this ingenious plug-in. Includes average calibration curves for the following popular headphone models: AIAIAI TMA1 (PU foam pads). AKG K141 MKII. AKG K240 Studio. AKG K271 MKII. AKG K701. AKG K702. AKG K712 Pro. Audeze LCD-2 non-fazor. Audeze LCD-X. Audio-Technica M20x. Audio-Technica M40x. Audio-Technica M50x. Audio-Technica M70x. Beyerdynamic DT770 80 Ohm. Beyerdynamic DT770 250 Ohm. Beyerdynamic DT880 Pro. Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro. Beyerdynamic T1. Focal Spirit Pro. KRK KNS8400. Sennheiser HD25-II. Sennheiser HD280 Pro. Sennheiser HD598. Sennheiser HD600. Sennheiser HD650. Sennheiser HD800. Sennheiser Surrounder. Shure SRH840. Shure SRH1840. Sony MDR7506. Sony MDR7520. Superlux HD681. . Calibrate Your 'phones with Sonarworks Reference 3 Headphone! Earpads, Cables, and Accessories read more


The most advanced waterproof smartphone case available, the fre will keep your iPhone 6+ and 6s+ cell phone protected on all your ...adventures. It also protects against dust, dirt and drops of up to 6 feet. Meets IP-68 standard for protection from water and dust. Antireflective glass lens preserves phone's photographic capabilities. Dust-, snow-, and shockproof. Fits iPhone 6+/6s+. Withstands immersion in 6.6 ft. of water for one hour. Super thin screen cover allows full use of phone's touchscreen without adding bulk. Protects against drops of up to two meters. read more


Bi-component Armor and Shock-Stop corners add protection to your iPhone 6 without extra bulk. StratoShield screen protector five times the impact protection compared to a screen alone. Textured backpanel enhances grip without adding bulk. Metal FunctionPlus volume buttons. Screen, power button, speakers and charging port are protected from impact and scratches. Grippy inlay on front and slip-resistant back. Drop tested to two meters. Simple snap-on installation. Imported. read more


Surround Sound Expansion lets you experience the full power and depth of your favorite movies and TV shows with a wholly optimized... audio experience. TV SoundConnect lets you instantly enjoy movies, music, and TV shows with clearer, more impactful... read more


"Isotoner Women's smarTouch 3 Finger Tech Stretch Gloves, X-Small/Small, Black"


Live Sound Monitoring - Featuring premium sound and build quality, Shure Dynamic MicroDriver sound-isolating earphones are a signi...ficant upgrade from the standard earbuds that came with your personal digital device. Because they're evolved from the personal monitor technology that's used by professional stage musicians, you'll experience pristine, detailed highs and rich, deep bass every time you wear Dynamic MicroDrivers. Sound isolation technology blocks ambient noise up to 37dB, preventing it from interfering with your listening experience whether you're on a stage or on a subway. Also, Dynamic MicroDrivers' sound-isolating sleeves are available in multiple sizes in order to ensure a secure, comfortable fit. Music is a lifestyle here at Sweetwater. Like you, we listen to music when we're on the go, and Shure Dynamic MicroDriver sound-isolating earphones optimize the experience!Shure Dynamic MicroDriver Sound-isolating Earphones Features at a Glance: Sound-isolating sleeves block up to 37dB of ambient noise. Lightweight, low-profile shape with optimized nozzle angle provides comfort. Includes 3 sizes of flex sleeves for personalized fit. Over-the-ear configuration keeps cables out of the way. Carrying pouch for convenient, tangle-free storage and travel. Experience monitor-quality sound on the go with Shure Dynamic MicroDriver sound-isolating earphones! Earphones read more

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