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Give Your Back The Attention It Deserves With The Ingenious Dual-Textured Aquis® Xf Back Scrubber. Aquitex® Xf Enhances Circulatio...n And Deep Cleans The Pores In A Way That No Other Material Can. The Aquis Exfoliating Xf Back Scrubber Has A Loofah-Like Surface On The Exfoliating Side Which Massages And Invigorates The Skin. The Soft Woven Surface Of The Smooth Side Gently Cleans And Refreshes. The Material Lathers Amazingly Well And The Back Strap Is Flexible Enough To Treat Hard To Reach Areas. Revolutionary Aquitex® Xf Is A Versatile, Two-Sided Material Expressly Developed To Elevate Skin And Body Care. Machine Washable. Comes With 2 Back Scrubbers Per Order. Comes With 30 Day Warranty.materials: Aquitex® Microfiberdimensions: 4" L X 30.75" W X 0.25" H Weight: 0.34875 Lbs read more

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