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Olivella Body Moisturizer

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Olivella Virgin Olive Oil Body Cream (Ivory) - 5.07 fl oz ; Health & Beauty -> Personal Care -> Cosmetics -> Skin Care -> Lotion &... Moisturizer read more


Olivella Hand Cream From Virgin Olive Oil, 2.54 fl Oz, Multicolor ; Health & Beauty -> Personal Care -> Cosmetics -> Skin Care -> ...Lotion & Moisturizer read more

$12.66 $11.06

A light and refreshing texture lotion made from virgin olive oil. Contains vitamins A & and E to nourish and moisturize the skin.


Light in texture and scent, Olivella Body Lotion includes Melissa officinalis leaf oil that helps skin feel hydrated.How do I use Apply every day to body and gently massage. It is easily absorbed and leaves your skin feeling moisturized.From Olivella.Includes: read more

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