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Supersmile Personal Care


Eight individually Wrapped Activating Rods. Small Professional Whitening System (1.75 oz./1.2 oz.). Professional Activating Rods: ...Specially infused with effective cleansing agents that mimic the first step of an in-office professional whitening treatment. Opens enamel rods. Cleanses and conditions teeth for amplified whitening results when used in conjunction with the Professional Whitening System. New Beauty Beauty Choice Award Winner for "Best At-Home Whitening Innovation". Professional Whi. read more


Supersmile Professional Whitening System The Supersmile Whitening System is the perfect bleaching solution for everyone interested... in safely and gently whitening teeth at home without messy traysjust brush and whiten! Not only does the Supersmile stystem enhances professionally bleached teeth, but it also causes no sensitivity. Additionally, the Supersmile Professional Whitening System is the only system that will restore bonding, porcelain veneers, crowns, and even dentures to their original. read more


Prepares: Hydrogen Peroxide prepares tooth enamel for maximum whitening efficiency. Whitens: The synergy between the Rods and the ...Supersmile Professional Whitening System safely accelerates the whitening process. Cleans: Sodium Bicarbonate cleans the surface of the tooth for more efficient whitening. Safely: Conditions the tooth enamel for accelerated whitening without harsh abrasives. Flavor: Original Mint read more

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