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Double Eyeliner Pencil 02 Forest .5 oz Pencil Logona Eyeliner Pencils with refined earth pigments emphasize and contour your eyes an uncomplicated way. In addition to natural oils and waxes, they contain nurturing jojoba and natural vitamin E. Their skin-friendly formula and smooth texture, allows application to the inside of the lid. Whether your want an eyeliner to reinforce your eye color or to contrast your eye color, Logona offers seven classic eyeliner shades from which read more


Fluid Eyeliner 01 Black .14 oz Liquid Make a dramatic impact. Our liquid eyeliner is perfect for adding those special accents and ...depth to your eyes. Use a delicate line to make your eyelashes look thicker or go for a thicker line for a more dramatic extravagant look. Our formulation ensures perfect application every time. Black 01 This is a soft black shade that can become darker with pressure. Stronger pressure gives a thicker line, light pressure gives a thinner line&# read more

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