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The perfect two step face care routine to refresh and revive skin plus gentle cleansing brush. Exfoliation plus antioxidants are t...he keys to clarifying skin and clearing blemishes. Begin with basq’s rich whipped micro exfoliating cleanser. This celeb and super model favorite clarifies, tones and replenishes without over stripping. The luxe ingredients have the added benefit of safe anti aging care for fine lines. Micro exfoliators remove dead, dry surface skin and prompt cellular renewal in the lower layers. This self adjusting cleanser uses the clarifying properties of oak root extract and the soothing properties of ylang to bring balance and tone. Follow cleanser with basq’s antioxidant rich cucumber tea eye gel. This cooling, soothing gel zaps puffiness and refreshes tired eyes. Cucumber is a natural coolant that fights swelling and puffiness while antioxidant rich green tea soothes and nurtures skin. Ideal as a boost to any anti aging routine, this antioxidant duo smoothes fine lines and improves skin tone. Wonderful as an all over face moisturizing treatment, apply a thin layer and enjoy the cooling, toning benefits. Massage in until absorbed for a perfect clean slate appearance to skin. Keep in the fridge for an even greater, intense, cooling pop. Includes a gentle cleansing brush. Great set, great gift. read more

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Clarify, refine and refresh skin for a toned glow with basq Rebalancing Face Cleanser. Formulated with micro-exfoliators, rich emo...llients, ylang ylang and imported oak root extract, this luxurious whipped cleanser clarifies skin appearance, controls blemishes and refreshes unbalanced, dull, or uneven skin. The Oak Root Extract acts as a mild astringent that gently clarifies skin while the Ylang Ylang helps soothe and tone. The gentle aroma Ylang Ylang blossoms is instantly soothing. Wet face, massage in a circular motion, rinse and reveal glowing skin. Also great on the neck and back where skin can often break out. Gentle and safe for use during pregnancy, menopause and other hormone related skin changes. read more

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