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Logona Face Serums & Treatments

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Age Protection Hydro Lipid Balance by Logona 30 ml Cream Age Protection Hydro Lipid Balance 30ml Cream Age Protection Hydro-Lipid ...Balanec supports the natural barrier function of the skin against loss of moisture and rebalances the hydro-lipid film.... read more


Bio Rose & Bio Aloe Eye Cream Logona 15ml Gel The wonderfully light Organic Rose & Aloe Eye Gel is a real treat for dry and sensit...ive skin. The oil-free formula with valuable plant extracts, such as aloe vera, Damascus rose, eyebright and goji berry... read more

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Day Cream Organic Rose by Logona 40ml Cream Day Cream Organic Rose 40ml Cream LOGONA Organic rose Day Cream delivers the deep hydration your dry skin needs every day. The mild composition of botanical oils and extract derived from organic... read more

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Age Protection Eye Cream by Logona 30 ml Cream Age Protection Eye Cream 30ml Cream Age Protection Eye Cream with sea buckthorn ber...ry extract and hyaluronic acid reduces the appearance of fine lines and small dry wrinkles intensively nourishing the skin... read more


The Age Protection Anti-Wrinkle Fluid with sea buckthorn extract and hyaluronic acid is a comprehensive care product to protect th...e skin against signs of premature ageing. read more


The velvety texture of Logona organic rose night cream provides your dry skin a nightly restorative beauty "cure". The rich compos...ition of botanical oils and extracts, derived from organic cultivation, soothes your skin, moisturizes deeply, and reinforces natural regenerative processes. Contains oils of organic almond, olive, jojoba and wild rose, as well as cocoa butter and Damascus rose extract. Vegan and gluten-free. read more


The age protection night cream with sea buckthorn berry extract and hyaluronic acid is a highly effective care product for the natural regeneration of demanding skin. An active complex consisting of high-quality plant oils and essences like shea butter, jojoba oil and bamboo extract provides the skin with lasting moisture and care. Organic caffeine and highly effective extracts of sapphire and Indian myrrh combat premature ageing processes. read more

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