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This lightweight, milky hydrating lotion is specially formulated as the toning stage after cleansing to diminish the appearance of... irregular pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Skin is left clear and illuminated, yet shine free. This white brightening lotion, applied immediately after cleansing, prepares and conditions the skin, ready for maximum skin brightening. Daisy, sophora and kiwi extracts help reduce the appearance of dark spots, age spots and existing imperfections, while red algae extract intensely moisturizes. Restores visible clarity and luminosity, leaving the skin soft. Prepares the skin for maximum skin brightening results evens skin tone, targets pigmentation and age spots leaves skin translucently clear and bright softens and hydrates the skin key actives white brightening complex a blend of kiwi and sophora helps to naturally diminish the appearance of uneven pigmentation and age spots, whilst simultaneously preventing future darkening of the skin mari moist reduces skin shine and excess oil production by maintaining the skins moisture balance hematite assists collagen synthesis, helping strengthen the extra-cellular matrix which supports the skin, refining texture and providing anti-ageing results. read more

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