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Find Shaving and Hair Removal at! Somersets Maximum Glide Original Shave Gel contains a blend of plant extracts - Frenc...h seaweed algae, Aloe Vera and 100 percent natural oils - to protect the skin and help reduce razor bumps. Somersets is the only true shaving gel. Most gels actually turn to foam on the face and contain chemicals, soaps and other agents that dehydrate and dry out the skin. Somersets Maximum Glide Shave Gel Original Formula stimulates and protects for soft, supple skin. Stays clear throughout so you can see where you're shaving, start to finish. A hint of menthol leaves your skin feeling cool and refreshed. Gender: Male. read more


Find Shaving and Hair Removal at! Somersets Purifying Face Scrub offers a unique blend of vitamins including B5, C and ...E will leave your skin feeling calm and smooth. Exfoliation is the process of scrubbing off dead skin cells to reveal and expose younger, fresher skin. The process unclogs pores, keeps skin clean and exposes the hair follicles allowing for a better shave. And, after all, it's all about the shave. Our Purifying exfoliating Face Scrub is made exclusively with JoJoba beads, which melt as used and are not rough or scratchy like the polythene beads used in other products. Gender: Male. read more

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