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A favorite of professional makeup artists, this versatile brush makes it easy to apply and blend your favorite blush. The soft goa...t hair bristles deliver the right amount of color - no streaking! It's a must for your makeup bag. read more


Navigating the world of makeup brushes is about as daunting as navigating LA during rush hour. While we're still searching for way...s to improve the latter, stila's pro artist brush set has, happily, resolved the former. This collection of five brushes-hand-selected by stila's team of makeup artists-includes all of the tools needed to conceal, contour, and apply eye makeup flawlessly. Plus, it comes with a travel-friendly pouch for keeping all your tools in one place. read more


The folks at stila clearly got the message that two heads (or, in this case, ends) are better than one. Armed with both a rounded ...edge and a pointed tip, this dual-purpose sponge makes it easy to apply makeup without any telltale streaks or clumps. Now show us a cotton ball that can do that. read more

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