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8 Water Bottles That Speak The Truth

Whether you're going to the gym, school, or work, stay hydrated with one of these motivational and funny water bottles.

We Love Pizza

We Love Pizza photo

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Pizza is life. Get this 24-ounce water bottle to keep you hydrated throughout your workout so you can reward yourself later. We all have something that motivates us. For some it's getting back to your pre-freshman 15 weight. For others it's setting a new PR. And of course, there's those of us who are always motivated by pizza. So drink plenty of water while you're working up a sweat and don't forget to grab a slice of pie. You worked hard; you earned it. ($20;


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Mermaid Life

Mermaid Life photo

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We know your secret, and we don't think it's something to hide. (Seriously, who hasn't wished they were Ariel's long-lost sister?) Advocate for your fellow mermaids by helping to save the ocean one glass water bottle at a time. Slim enough to take in the car and tall enough to hold 16 ounces of H20, this glass water bottle will help keep you hydrated through all of your adventures, both on the land and sea. ($15;


Don't Sweat, Sparkle

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Working out isn't just about looking good. What's more important is that you feel good. Sparkle and shine all day long with a water bottle that reminds you of how fabulous you are. It's only fitting that a water bottle this glittery comes with a diamond-shaped, screw-top lid to prevent spills when you're on the go. Whether you're heading to your morning yoga or afternoon fitness class, don't forget to take your trusty water bottle to your next sweat—er, I mean sparkle—sesh. ($16;


Today Is A New Day

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Ugh, there's nothing worse than going for a cold, refreshing sip of hydration and being met with warm water instead. This stainless steel water bottle by Contigo was engineered to keep your icy drinks cold for up to 18 hours so you don't have to experience that problem again. This smart water bottle will even keep warm beverages hot for up to 10 hours. (Coffee, please!) With an inspiring quote to remind you to push yourself a little further than the day before, this stainless steel water bottle won't disappoint. ($17;


Because I'm Happy

Because I'm Happy photo

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If you're all about a cheery floral pattern, we've got you covered. This water bottle is a good reminder to just do what makes you happy. So if that means driving with the windows down and singing at the top of your lungs, you do your thing. This colorful, stainless steel water bottle also makes a good insulator for hot and cold beverages. Hit your water goal each day with the help of this flowery water bottle. ($30;


Get It, Girl

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We all have those days when we need a little inspiration to get us to tomorrow. Set your goals and reach them all while staying hydrated with this 24-ounce water bottle that may offer just the motivation boost you needed to finish your workout strong. "Think it, want it, get it." You have all you need to crush your fitness goals, so be good to your body and keep it fueled with the right amount of hydration. ($20;


Do Your Best

Do Your Best photo

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Sometimes, we just can't win them all. Don't get discouraged if you didn't beat your fastest time or if you didn't make it to the gym this week. All that matters is that your do your best each day, which is exactly what this motivational water bottle tells you to do. So even if you trade your fitness class for a night of Netflix binging, your body still needs to stay hydrated. Quench your thirst and work on getting your water in for the day with this 24-ounce water bottle. ($20;



Water? photo

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Let's be honest: We all have those moments when we would much rather fill our water bottles with something a little stronger—like vodka or wine. Keep 'em guessing with a bright and cute water bottle that you can fill with your beverage of choice. Equipped with a convenient carry strap, this quirky water bottle will help you stay hydrated in the gym or on the trails. Whether you attract a few laughs or some concerned looks, who cares? You do you. ($16;


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