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Superfeet Women's Fitness

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Fits best in: Superfeet trail insoles fit many roomy hunting boot styles that have factory insoles you can remove. Gear up for the... early season. Superfeet trail™ keep you cool and comfortable while scouting in the late summer heat. Featuring an exclusive scentlok® layer, aerospring™ impact foam and silent step™ stabilizing shape, trail insoles provide long-lasting comfort when you’re miles out. The ventilated forefoot and ground-sense™ impact dampening technology make the hours in the field easy on your feet. For the american outdoorsmen and women responsible for protecting the land and wildlife, Superfeet created the trophy series – the first family of premium insoles designed specifically for the hunt. More stability = greater accuracy features more comfort and stability = greater accuracy scentlok® technology for long-lasting odor control silent step™ stabilizing shape ground-sense™ impact dampening technology the flexible heel cradle and foam provide the shape that supports the foot and arch. No latex, nickel sulfate, formaldehyde or preservatives. Vegan. How it works: Superfeet trail insoles adapt the generic, 2-dimensional surface inside of your roomy hunting boots to your 3-dimensional foot. The distinct Superfeet shape helps to stabilize the foot, while the flexible heel cradle and full-length foam provide support and comfort with every step. read more


Designed primarily for tighter fitting footwear, versatile Superfeet BLUE is deal for low- to medium-arch feet that cannot tolerat...e maximum support. Color(s): blue. Brand: SUPERFEET. Style Name: Superfeet 'Active Blue' Insoles (Women). Style Number: 118302. Available in stores. read more

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