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Bags For The Beach & Beyond

Grab these bags for beach babes and landlubbers alike.

Stylish Straw Tote

Stylish Straw Tote photo

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A day out in the sun and the sand is pure bliss—until you realize you forgot your sunscreen and feel the burn. Be prepared with all your beach-day needs with this straw tote. There is plenty of room for a beach towel, a change of clothes, your favorite pair of shades, some snacks, and of course the sunscreen. If you're a landlocked beach babe you can always take this tote with you to the pool to get your swimming fix. Stay stylish with this built-for-the beach (or pool) straw tote. ($30;


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Boho Vibes

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Whether you are going to the beach or getting away for a weekend retreat, this gorgeous bag will get you there in style. We are in love with the neutral woven exterior and fringed tassel details. This bag isn't just aesthetically pleasing, however. With enough room to haul a couple of outfits and your day-to-day essentials, this weekender bag is ready to take you to your spontaneous day trip to the beach or the extended weekend in Vegas you had planned with your girlfriends for months. ($60;


Beach Backpack

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When you plan your next tropical vacation, you'll need a reliable carry-on that you can take to the beach as well. The Tommy Bahama Koki Beach Backpack is cute and colorful and just what you were looking for to carry your necessities from the airport, to the beach, and through a day of sightseeing. When you get back to the real world, take this bag with you to class or use as an overnight bag when you stay the night at a friend's house. This backpack is available in two colors, but if you're taking this bag to the beach, we know you'll want to go with the sunset option. ($76;


Timeless Tote

Timeless Tote photo

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No matter how many bags you have, it is always a good idea to invest in a classic black tote. The versatility of a black tote bag can take you to a lot of places without worrying if it won't match your style or the formality of an event. This Longchamp shoulder tote's water-resistant lining means it's all ready to accompany you on your beach adventures. When summer is over, you can still carry this bag to work, complete your weekend errands, or grab a bite with friends without leaving any of the essentials behind. ($125;


For The Beach Bum

For The Beach Bum photo

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No beach bum attire is complete without some classic summer stripes. This drawstring bag is a fashion-forward accessory that will carry everything from your book and earbuds to your towel and sunblock. The subtle stripes and subdued color pattern won't overwhelm or detract from your bright swimsuit of choice. Get ready to chill and soak up some sun-kissed relaxation with a beach backpack to keep all the essentials within easy reach. ($35;


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For The Overpacker

For The Overpacker photo

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Do you ever get frustrated when you run out of room in your bag? You'll have to work really hard to fill this shopper bag to the max. Perfect for the overpacker—er, I mean, the one who is always prepared—this oversize tote bag has all the space you need for a day at the beach, an afternoon picnic, or a weekend trip. Choose from classic black, soft pink, or tawny brown to complete your trendy beach look. ($25;


Frayed & Fabulous

Frayed & Fabulous photo

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Take on the day with this beautifully embroidered tote. You can't go wrong with this boho-chic bag that will make for a great day-to-day companion. Head to a coffee shop with this tote bag that is large enough for your laptop and planner so you can get some work done. Or opt for a relaxing day by the pool with a good book and your beach towel. However you use this frayed, fringed bag, you'll be rolling in high style. ($58;


Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear photo

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Stay on-trend with a beach bag that we are all about. The State Graham tote is pretty transparent about why this bag should be your next go-to beach essential. The see-through design is built to hold it all on the sand and will make you the most stylish beach bum out there. Think this bag is just for the beach? You can carry this tote anywhere, and it especially comes in handy when you attend a large event venue with a clear-bag policy. As if you needed another reason to buy, State hand delivers a bag to a child in need with every purchase. ($80;


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