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Alex Monroe Women's Necklaces

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Alex Monroe

This nautical necklace is sure to float the boat of the naval enthusiast or your own personal life saver. British jewellery Alex Monroe handcrafts each piece in his London studio out of Sterling Silver, and then plates the buoy in rose gold. read more

Alex Monroe

With the wind in her hair and the endless open road in her sights, she put the petal to the metal. Alex Monroe does the same, crea...ting a moving tribute to the bicycle and the thrill of the ride. He casts a petite bike from 22k-gold-plated sterling silver and adds charming, realistic touches, such as spinning wheels, and ruby and diamond "reflectors." Handmade in the United Kingdom. read more

Alex Monroe

Alex Monroe's refreshing design makes a sweet tribute to the woman who has helped you grow into the person you are. He creates a p...etite watering can from 22k gold-plated sterling silver and dangles a glistening green-gray sapphire droplet from its spout. Handmade in the United Kingdom. read more

Alex Monroe

Hold mini-souvenirs or a love note for your favorite jetsetter in this sweet valise that snaps shut for safe keeping. This gold-pl...ated suitcase features rhodium detailing and working hinges that allow it to keep a tiny memento or snapshot of someone special back home inside. Handcrafted by Alex Monroe in London. read more

Alex Monroe

Propel yourself back to the golden era of flying, when the friendly skies were also glamorous ones. A charming, gold-plated vintag...e biplane features a petite propeller that twirls with a flick of your finger, offering a playful and stylish touch to the wardrobes of jetsetters and dreamers alike. Handcrafted by Alex Monroe in London. read more

Alex Monroe

A simple spin of this necklace and suddenly you're dreaming of your next adventure. For the travel enthusiast or the woman who your world turn, this silver- and gold-plated globe twirls with a flick of your finger, revealing an intricate view of familiar locales and the far-flung destinations in your future. Handcrafted by Alex Monroe in London. read more

Alex Monroe

UK-based designer Alex Monroe is known for taking everyday objects and turning them into intricate, beautiful designs. And in the ...UK, what's more everyday than a cup of tea? Whether you fancy an herbal brew or are traditional black with the fixings, this whimsical teapot charm is a subtle tribute to your favorite warm drink. Each piece is handcrafted with magical details, like the citrine droplet, and makes its way from the world's tea loving capital into your unique jewelry assortment. Handmade in London. read more

Alex Monroe

If you've ever suffered a bout of sea fever, you'll recognize these symptoms: 1. Perpetual saltiness on the tongue. 2. A swirling the ears. 3. Deep longing for the great blue divide. Alex Munroe crafts this sterling silver pendant with an inscription from John Masefield's poem "Sea Fever" that reads, "I must go down the sea again, to the lonely sea and the sky." And though the only real cure for missing the coast is to stand on the shoreline, this sentimental design serves as a beautiful consolation. It makes a great gift for sea-craving friends, or adds a nautical touch to your collection. Handmade in London. read more

Alex Monroe

You can climb any hill when you're pedaling together. Alex Monroe's tiny tandem bike is a wearable reminder of the love that comes... from riding through life as a team. With thoughtful details like working wheels, the handcrafted gold vermeil bicycle makes a sweet symbol for any cycling partner who stole your heart. Adjustable, 18-inch chain. Made in England. read more

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