Way Too Many of You Are Shopping While You’re on the Toilet

Survey finds almost 20 percent of respondents buy stuff on their phones while on the throne

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Malls are great for a little early-morning power walk. Or to kill time before meeting your pal for a drink. Or to cure that Cinnabon craving. (Hey, we won’t tell if you don’t.) But shopping? How quaint.

Today reports more and more people are using their smartphones to buy things, and they’re shopping in bed (43 percent), in the bath (14 percent) and—eek!—on the toilet (18 percent), according to a Shop Direct Group survey. Wow, we wish we didn’t have that image in our heads.

“Convenience is also playing a part,” On Device Research marketing manager Sarah Quinn tells the news show. “They have their mobile switched on, and it’s usually with them all the time, so they don’t need to wait until the evening when they’re at home to switch on their PC.”

Apparently, they don’t need to wait until they’ve washed their hands either.

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