Small Wonders: New Short Stories and Poems

Dip in and out of these delightful short reads

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Life On Mars by Tracy K. Smith

In Life on Mars, a vibrant collection of verse, Smith pays homage to David Bowie ("the Pope of Pop"), Stanley Kubric, the Hubble Telescope, JFK airport and more. It's a gripping, intergallactic ride that marvels at the miracles and malfunctions of our ever changing world. "Like a wide wake, rippling/Infinitely into the distance, everything/That ever was still is, somewhere."


The Mother Who Stayed by Laura Furman

"When I saw her bright red hair, my heart lifted, that old balloon," recalls a mother at the sight of her daughter in this collection of nine intertwined tales about the highs and lows of motherhood. Furman writes in a concerto-inspired form, with three trios of stories, each one pertaining to a different set of characters whose lives are connected.

Bye-And-Bye by Charles Wright

The Pulitzer Prize-winning poet's latest collection is comprised of poems from his later collections, including Littlefoot, a moving meditation on mortality. Here, he writes of 'Nostalgia,' "Always it comes when we least expect it, like a wave,/Or like the shadow of several waves, one after next."

The Civilized World by Susi Wyss

Set in Africa and the United States, Wyss's debut novel-in-stories follows Adjoa, a Ghanian woman who dreams of opening a beauty parlor; Ophelia, the wife of an American diplomat; and Janice, an American aid worker. Here, their lives intersect in unexpected and sometimes explosive ways.

Taller When Prone by Les Murray

Australian poet Les Murray evokes his country's vernacular and landscape in this versatile new collection. From 'Midwinter Kangaroo Nests': "Rasp and whistle/remix this long grass/grown out of hoofprints/to the borders of shade."

A Day in the Life of a Smiling Woman by Margaret Drabble

English author Drabble's short stories come together for the first time in this new collection. Written over four decades, Drabble explores marriage, female friendships, the English tourist abroad, pop culture and love affairs with houses—"Pink peeling walls, grey-yellow lichen encrusted stone, single white roses, white doves. It had reached the moment before decay that is perfection."

Come and See by Fanny Howe

"The earth is a flying carpet/if you lie down and follow/the clouds. Where will it go/with you upon it?" writes Howe in her latest poetry collection, Come and See, which moves between countries and slices of life.

The Architect of Flowers by William Lychack

In his sparkling new story collection, Lychack shines a light on the small moments of everyday life: A ghostwriter inhabits a house of worship; a policeman bring's himself to shoot an injured dog; and a son visits his mother's grave.

The Woman I Kept To Myself by Julia Alvarez

In this autobiographic book of poetry, Alvarez opens up about every aspect of her life in 75 self-assured poems. She writes about her struggles with anorexia, about the minutia in her marriage, about living in the shadow of her ancestors—she even writes about  employing a cleaning lady, "I'm half-tempted to join her on all fours/scrubbing tiles, waxing the hardwood floors."

Blue Collar, White Collar, No Collar Edited by Richard Ford

An all-star cast of writers, including Junot Diaz, Deborah Eisenberg, Jeffrey Eugenides and Elizabeth Strout, chronicle themes of employment and obligation in this unique, relatable new anthology.




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First Published April 12, 2011

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