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Simple Ideas We Too...

Simple Ideas We Too Often Forget

We’re involved, we’re overcommitted, we care, we nurture, we have careers, kids, dogs, cats, partners, lacrosse games, swim meets, and our favorite reality show we don’t want to miss but often do. No wonder we forget the simple ideas that can enrich our lives. Here are four ways to keep your head above water when life threatens to drag you down.

Ban the Naysayers

Naysayers are sometimes innocent and sometimes intentional. We all know people who have tested our inner strength—and have said things out of “love.” They could be our mothers, daughters, close friends, fathers, spouses, or colleagues. They all believe they have our best interests at heart. Make a change: Vow to start listening to your dreams, not other people’s doubts. Seek out people who tell you how you can make your dreams work.

Listen to Your Inner Voice
Ignoring intuition, that tiny voice inside, is a mistake every woman has made. We women are naturally equipped with the most powerful tool on the planet, and yet we don’t listen to it. Intuition can give you a competitive advantage in business. It can serve as a warning system when you’re at risk. Keep your antennae attuned to that small voice; when it speaks, listen and act accordingly. You won’t regret following your intuition. You will only regret ignoring it.

Create a To-Don’t List
If you look at a woman’s to-do list, the word me will be absent. We don’t get enough sleep, we eat on the run and we take pride in multi-tasking. Enough. It’s killing us—literally. Write a to-don’t list. First thing you do: Cross out two things on your to-do list! If you’re strong, cross out three things. Start turning your to-do list into a “don’t-have-to-do” list. Order takeout instead of fixing a fancy meal. Take the children to the park instead of mopping the floor.

Lighten Up Instead of Tighten Up
When diagnosed with breast cancer, a wonderful friend of mine took off to the nearest video store and rented her favorite comedies. She spent the weekend watching and laughing. Fun is not frivolous. Keeping your “wit” about you is vital to maintaining a positive perspective in the midst of negative events. Post your favorite cartoon or quote where you can see it and feed your funny bone on a daily basis.
By Jan Yanehiro