Simplify Your Life With These Inspiring Books

Declutter your closet, change a bad habit and decorate a problem space with these helpful books.

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'Unstuff Your Life!' by Andrew J. Mellen

Streamline your stuff with this room-by-room guide to decluttering, including tips for sorting the mail, tackling a budget and finding a permanent home for your keys.

'1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die' Edited by Peter Boxall

Overwhelmed by Amazon? Lost in your local book store? Before you fret about what to read next, pick up Boxall's illustrated, browsable guide to a century's worth of memorable writing for your must list.

'The Art of Simple Food' by Alice Waters

The iconic Chez Panisse chef delivers with this collection of more than 200 simple recipes (think 3 to 4 ingredients)  for dishes such as Spicy Cauliflower Soup, Fava Bean Pureé, Brasied Chicken Legs and more.

'Apartment Therapy's Big Book of Small, Cool Spaces' by Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan

Pick up this inspirational design book for hundreds of inventive solutions for small and problem spaces from the popular interior design website

'The Men's Health Big Book of Food & Nutrition' by Joel Webber and Mike Zimmerman

Consider this easy-to-read tome your personal health coach. It's got nutritional information for all of your favorite foods, cooking tips and more. Our favorite feature: the large color photos, divided by food group, of everything from spices to meat and poultry.

'The One Hundred' by Nina Garcia

Project Runway fashion guru Garcia compiled this guide to the pieces every woman must have in her closet, including a pair of aviator glasses, minnetonka moccasins, and an old concert t-shirt to name a few.

'Organizing for Life' by Sandra Felton

The key to decluttering your space? It's all in your head, says Felton, who calmly extolls the ways to fix the way you think about a messy, hard to manage space.

'Little House on a Small Planet' by Shay Salomon

Tiny houses, some no bigger than a parking space, are having a moment. If you dream of downsizing, check out this unique guide to planning, building, renovating and inhabiting eco-friendly small houses.

'Secrets of Gorgeous' by Esther Blum

Looking for quick food, drink and beauty tips? Blum’s "clutch-sized accessory" has all the tricks you need to simplify your life. Check out her easy-to-follow recipes for low-calorie cocktails, curing brittle nails and conquering family reunion-induced headaches.

'Shift Your Habit' by Elizabeth Rogers

Believe it or not, going green is about living less expensively. Here, Rogers includes hundreds of "habit-shifting" suggestions—switch to an ultra-low-flow showerhead, pack waste-free school lunches—to help you save money and live simply.

'One Pot Wonders' by Conrad Gallagher and Gus Filgate

Create delicious dishes (in a wok, frying pan, casserole, griddle, saucepan or roasting pan) with this collection of recipes that use just one pot.

'52 Ways To Simplify Your Life' by Lynn Gordon

Buy yourself some peace of mind with this handy book, which offers tips on everything from stealing away some moments for yourself to getting off those dreaded junk mail lists.

'The 100 Thing Challenge' by Dave Bruno

Irked by consumerism? So was Bruno, who challenged himself to winnow down his possessions to, you guessed it, just 100 things.

'D.I.Y Delicious' by Vanessa Barrington

Chef and author Barrington shares 40 simple recipes and projects for inspiring food artisans in this do-it-yourself cookbook.

'Live More, Want Less' by Mary Carlomagno

Declutter your surroundings and your mind with this week-by-week guide to bettering your life, including personal stories and tools for dealing with weight loss, procrastination, shopping addictions and more.

'One Year to An Organized Life' by Regina Leads

Get all your ducks in a row with this organizing bible, which is divided into 12 monthly sections with four weekly tasks that include journaling, sorting and more.


'500 Places To See Before They Disappear' by Frommer's

Not sure where to vacation next? Why not start with the rare cultural, ecological and historical places that are in danger of disappearing? Use this book to seek out unique landscapes, fragile ecosystems, rare bird habitats and more.

'Problem Solving 101' by Ken Watanabe

Watanabe's critical thinking guide was originally written for Japanese schoolchildren. Now it's used in the U.S. and around the world by businesspeople who want to master logic skills.

'What the F*@# Should I Make For Dinner?' by Zach Golden

Stop stressing about your next meal and pick up this in-your-face recipe collection, which includes 50 recipes for indecisive meat-eaters and vegetarians alike.

'Rightsizing Your Life' by Ciji Ware

Whether you're downsizing to a smaller home or cleaning out the garage, this book (with an introduction by Gail Sheehy) will help you pare down a lifetime of possessions and furnishing.



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First Published May 31, 2011

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