Working Moms Aren’t Only Ones Who Dream of Free Time

Study shows single women are also desperate for work-life balance

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter
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Working moms aren’t the only ones pulling out their hair at the thought of handling long hours at the office, grocery shopping, doing laundry and figuring out how to have some sort of a social life. Single women crave free time, too.

The Wall Street Journal reports it conducted a recent McKinsey & Co. study of 60 companies and found women planning to leave their jobs in the next few years were doing so “to gain more control over their personal schedules and needs,” whether they were mothers or not.

“People talk about, how do working mothers do it? But how do singles do it?”’s Sherri Langburt tells the newspaper, noting that singles don’t have a partner to rely on to help out.

Yep, things are tough all over. Do you know the key to finding balance? Leave a comment below—we might get a chance to read it after we plow through this mountain of bills.

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