Test Out That Skin-Care Claim with New Beauty App

New app tracks changes in skin tone, acne, pore size and more

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

You know how ads for skin products often say you’ll notice a difference in just weeks?  There will soon be an app to let you track your progress.

The New York Daily News reports Color Frame, an app set to launch later this year from Japan's Fujitsu Laboratories, has you take four pictures of your face with your smartphone and uses a color wheel to help the app make adjustments in lighting to analyze your skin.

You’ll get scores noting everything from pore size to acne to dullness, so you can later compare the results and see how well that new moisturizer is working -- or keep an eye on any skin conditions that may develop.

Just what we need. Another way to obsess over those imperfections.

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