Study: Skinny Stars You Like Can Actually Boost Your Body Image

Research shows women who identify with a thin celeb get a shot of self-esteem from photos

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Find yourself drawn to Angelina Jolie, despite her whippet-thin figure, fabulous wardrobe and the fact that she shares a bed with Brad Pitt? If you can’t help liking her—despite conventional thinking—seeing her super-svelte frame may actually make you feel better about yourself rather than want to hide your comparatively fat, frumpy and Brad Pitt–less self under a rock.

It may sound strange, but according to Canada’s National Post, a new study finds that women who felt connected to a skinny celebrity—even because of something as simple as sharing a birthday—got a boost in the self-image department from that star after looking at her photo.

“Ironically, it may be that we don’t need to reject thin celebrities but rather make women feel closer to them in order to allow these protective benefits,” Ariana Young, leader of the study, tells the newspaper.

So it’s not simply skinny models and actresses who rub us the wrong way; it’s skinny models and actresses we don’t like who bug us? Time to plaster the fridge with Jennifer Aniston photos.

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First Published February 23, 2012

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