Slutty Halloween Costumes

Halloween isn’t what it used to be. What was once a holiday devoted to kids in cute-as-can-be costumes is now rated as a favorite holiday among adults, and when we say RATED, we mean X-RATED

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Miley Cyrus VMA Costume

Wait a minute…isn’t that the same creepy teddy bear we saw twerking on Robin Thicke at this year’s VMAs? Seeing it once was frightening enough!


Furry Party Animal Costume, $80;

Courtesy of


If Chewbacca strutted around space looking like this, we imagine his friendship with Han Solo would have been a bit different.


Sci-Fi Furry Costume. $300; 

Marie Antoinette

Sure, sure, she ascended the throne as a teen, rocked a nation and possibly ignited the French Revolution, but  today's version of the so-called Queen of Fashion has gone vamp.


Ricky's Costume Superstore Marie Antoinette costume, $30;

Courtesy of Ricky's Costume Store

Alice in Wonderland

A fresh take on a children's classic. Or something.


Alice in Wonderland costume, $30;

Courtesy of

Dirty Cop

Um, can we make a citizen's arrest?


Dirty Cop costume, $39;

Courtesy of

Little Red Riding Hood

Basket? Check. Red cape? Check. Incredibly inappropriate dress with breasts hanging out? Check, check. This one isn't heading to grandmother's house.


Little Red Riding Hood plus-size costume, $34;

Courtesy of


Problem solved: What to wear when you are a ghost hunting parapsychologist. 


Ghostbuster costume, $45;

Courtesy of

Top Gun Flight

When you wear something like this, it's clear you're a highly trained, incredibly talented, top-level security cleared navy pilot. OBVIOUSLY.


Top Gun Flight, $39;

Courtesy of


Who made you do it? Oh right, right, right...the DEVIL made you do it.


Devil costume, $27-$81;

Courtesy of


There's an old, filthy joke about a submarine filled with sailors, and somehow that's the only thing that comes to mind when looking at this costume. Which, we assume, is the whole point.


Sailor costume, $20-$62;

Courtesy of


In today's Halloween costume landscape, even the beautiful butterfly looks like a ho.


Butterfly costume, $20-$27;

Courtesy of

Hermione Granger

This would be the version that didn't quite make it into J. K. Rowling's final book.


Hogwarts Witch costumer, $32;

Courtesy of

Cookie Monster

We didn't think it was possible to sexualize Cookie Monster, but clearly we hadn't considered the possibility that "Cookie blue" was available in sheer illusion netting. 


Cookie Monster costume, $29;

Courtesy of


Because a sexy hot dog would be too obvious?


Hamburger costume, $40;

Courtesy of

Wednesday Addams

Well, we knew she had a dark side, so it's not impossible to make the leap to something dark AND trampy.


Wednesday Addams costume, $33;


Courtesy of


When it comes to fire safety, this siren knows the drill—a costume that's certain to raise five alarms.


Fire Hero Costume; $44, 


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