Web Exclusive! Behind the Scenes of NBC's 'Smash'

Show creator Theresa Rebeck talks about Marilyn Monroe, mounting a TV musical—and the continuing struggles of women in the arts

by Susan Toepfer • More Features Editor/Entertainment
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Making a "Smash": Theresa Rebeck
Photograph: Patrick Randak/NBC

More: Do you think [director] Julie Taymor would have gotten as much flack for all the pre-opening problems with Broadway’s Spiderman if she’d been a man?
T.R.: I don’t know. There is still that thing that’s out there that when a man screws up, it’s “someone screwed up.” When a woman screws up, it’s “women’s films don’t do well.” I took my daughter to Spiderman. She liked it, and I thought it was kind of fun. Of course, I didn’t like that they were maiming actors.

More: In your comedy Seminar, the Alan Rickman character has

some pretty strong anti-feminist dialogue.
T.R.: Alan says, “Why is he so cruel about women?” and I’m like, “Why are they? I don’t know. Eventually they feel comfortable around you and this stuff comes out.”

More: Are you working on another play?
T.R: I have one opening at the Playhouse in the Park in Cincinnati, Dead Accounts. It’s about a guy who goes back to Cincinnati from New York. He had been working in the financial industry and became corrupted, so he goes back to find his moral compass—and eat [Cincinnati specialties] Skyline chili and Graeter’s ice cream

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First Published February 28, 2012

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