Are Social Travel Sites the Next Matchmakers?

Companies connect air travelers at airports, on flights

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Tired of getting stuck next to that guy on your flight who won’t stop talking -- like at all -- from takeoff to touchdown, no matter how hard you try to tune him out? Find your next airplane seatmate on Facebook and time will just -- er -- fly by.

USA Today reports social media travel websites are turning to the skies, connecting people in airports or at a mile high.

"It's about real connection," IMGuest’s Asaf Engel tells the newspaper. "It's about being engaged. We push people to get along and meet up."

Other companies looking to help a traveler out include Planely and Satisfly, while Dutch airline KLM even has a “Meet & Seat” program, where fliers may pick who they sit by according to Facebook and LinkedIn profiles, USA Today adds.

Sounds interesting, but we’d be scared to set up an airline “blind date” on a cross-country flight. Having your sister call in with an “emergency” just isn’t going to cut it as an escape plan.

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