Starbucks-Only Diet Leads to 80-Pound Weight Loss

Woman says she’s been eating only from the chain for two years

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Step aside, Jared from Subway. The latest diet-success-story buzz is all about Christine Hall, a 66-year-old law librarian who says she lost almost 80 pounds ingesting pretty much only food and drinks from Starbucks.

Today reports Hall has spent the past two years eating food like oatmeal and black coffee for breakfast, a fruit and cheese “bistro box” for lunch and a panini for dinner. Some days she consumes only 876 calories. Average daily cost: about $16. 

“I have a busy schedule, so it just works for me,” Hall tells the news show. “I know exactly what I’m getting. I can plan my day in advance because I’ve memorized the calories in everything.”

We’d just love to know how she resists ordering a pumpkin spice latte or the petite vanilla scones. Seriously, that’s willpower, lady. 

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