Stars and Their Pets

Meet the mutts who are a celebrity’s best friend.

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Martha Stewart with Francesca

Stewart lets domestic devotees view the world through the eyes of her French bulldogs on their special blog (click here). A recent entry included a playground pic with the note, "I think I’ll ask Martha to get us some swings for the farm."

Photo by: Adam Nemser/ /Newscom

Nicollette Sheridan with Oliver

Sheridan’s dog is no stranger to the spotlight. The two blonds appeared together on a Halloween episode of Jimmy Kimmel’s show; Oliver played the Big Bad Wolf to Nic’s Little Red Riding Hood.
Photo by: LPK/Splash News/Newscom

Ellen Pompeo with Gigi & Valentino

Even before this Grey’s Anatomy doc had her baby girl, Stella Luna, she was tending to her poodle family members, Gigi and Valentino.
Photo by: Jennifer Buhl/ /Newscom

Ashley Judd with Buttermilk

This cockapoo doesn’t need to worry about missing his owner. After a movie’s filming schedule separated them, Judd put her foot down. "To spend months without a pet-never again," she said. "I don’t care what the movie is."
Photo by: Mike Bryand/Newscom

Mariah Carey with JJ

A devoted Jack Russell fan, Carey has been known to include JJ as a special guest star in music videos.
Photo by: AlphaX/

Hilary Swank with Karoo

A perk of being a Swank-y pet? Costar credits. Rescue dog Karoo was in one scene in the Oscar-winning Million Dollar Baby. "Every day when I look at [my pets], I know they’re thankful I’ve adopted them," Swank has said. "I’m just as thankful they’ve adopted me."
Photo by: Newscom

Jane Lynch with Olivia

Lynch named her pup after a personal idol, Olivia Newton-John-then she got to work with the Grease star on her hit series, Glee. Look for both actresses to "get physical" on the show this spring.
Photo by: Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Oprah Winfrey with Sadie

Oprah doesn’t share her magazine cover with just anyone. And during this 2009 photo shoot (at a Chicago no-kill shelter, reports, she fell in love with blond cocker spaniel Sadie (on Winfrey’s right shoulder) and adopted her. "Out of all the pups in that picture," she said, "Sadie was the one I felt an instant connection with." This year, for her 56th birthday, the media mogul gifted herself with two more spaniels.

Sandra Bullock with Poppy

Her character on The Blind Side took in a teen facing hardship; Bullock herself has adopted a dog with three legs (Poppy, pictured) and another with only two.
Photo by: Ionu/

Joan Rivers with Max

"I’m not stupid, I know how to get a dog," Rivers has said of pet pooch Max. The tough-talking comedienne cops to having a big soft spot for her rescue dogs and insists on spoiling them.
Photo by: Newscom

Michelle Obama with Bo

Even the First Lady can’t escape dog-walking duty. Considering the size of Portuguese water dog Bo, he just might be one of the secrets to her killer arms.
Photo by: Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images

Jane Fonda with Tulea

A modern testament to true love? Blogging. Fonda’s website has a section dedicated to Tulea (click here), showing off snaps of new haircuts and vacations.


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Photo by: Brian Zak/Sipa Press/Newscom

First Published April 8, 2010

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