Celebrity Sit-Down: Stevie Nicks

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Moving forward With In Your Dreams, her first solo album in a decade

By Holly George-Warren
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Photograph: Jason Bell/Camera Press/Retna

Taking notes I write in my journal almost every night. If you don’t write something down, you’ll remember the ghost of it, but you won’t remember it as it happened.

Her legacy I want to be remembered as a great writer. In the early days of Fleetwood Mac, I was asked, “What is it like to be a sex symbol?” and I knew then, at 27, that the whole sex symbol thing was not going to last and that I did not want to be leaning on that—that’s not who I am.

Her fountain of youth Onstage, I can’t look like a 63-year-old grandma. I have to keep my hair beautiful and my body pretty cool. I have to wear something youthful but not age inappropriate, and I can stay young as long as I want to.

“Soldier’s Angel” I wrote that poem in 2005 and added the chorus in 2009, after a horrific thing happened in Iraq. I’ve given out hundreds of copies to families of soldiers and said, “Someday you’ll hear this on the radio and know it is your song.” Now it’s on In Your Dreams.

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First Published May 13, 2011

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