Stevie Nicks on Love, Loss and What She Wears

With her first solo album in a decade widely praised as her "best yet," the rock icon reflects on past loves, present challenges, and her growth beyond Fleetwood Mac.

By Holly George-Warren
Stevie Nicks "In Your Dreams" cover

SN: I wrote that when I was 17.  It was my favorite poem and I put it to music on my guitar and I never forgot it. I never recorded it. It just lived in my head.  About 10 or 12 years ago, I sat down at the piano and started playing it.  And in the "Moonlight" video, we have a guy who is just so Edgar Allen Poe, and he's reading his book and he's very dark and brooding and old-fashioned---in total costume.  The fact that it's a song written by Edgar Allen Poe and Stevie Nicks is pretty awesome.  I hope Edgar would be happy.

More: "Soldier's Angel" was inspired by your work in the hospitals in D.C. and giving iPods to the veterans. Are you still doing that?

SN: Since I started the record, I haven't had the time ... it takes a week.  But I go to Walter Reed and Bethesda and I stay 11 hours.  I feel honored that they let me do it and I will do it forever. They pretty much give me the run of the hospital, and I stay and see every soldier.  If he wants to see me, I stay.  And it's very soul-fulfilling.  They're just children, and they're so happy to have somebody care and be there.

More:  You load songs onto the iPods you give the soldiers. Do any of these refer back to those compilation tapes you used to make?

SN:   Yes, they're some of the old ones.

More: So it's a continuation of what you've been doing, and with such a good purpose.

SN:   Yeah, and these kids are very injured, and the last thing they're going to be able to do is download music, and almost every single one of them had an iPod that got blown up in Iraq or Afghanistan.  So I put everything on it -- I put jazz and R&B and rap, and country and classic rock and smooth fusion, instrumental.  I put 937 songs that cover just about anything, so that in their rehabilitation, until they get it together to make their own [song lists], they have something. I hope that the music is going to dance them right out of that bed.

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First Published May 16, 2011

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