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by Susan Swimmer • Fashion Features Editor
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Photograph: Courtesy of Bloomingdales

Every new season I get excited for new fashion trends. Big shoulders, harem pants, spectator shoes, fringe, perforated, winter florals, summer florals, and on and on. Sometimes I call my love of shopping an occupational hazard, and let’s face it, there are far more dangerous occupations and the hazards that go with them. And so I shop, but like all of you, I don’t always get it just right. Last Spring I bought a neon pink mini dress. I know, I KNOW. Hear me out. Neon was having a major moment on the runway (thanks to Michael Kors and many others), and it looked fun and energetic and fresh. Which brings me to the aforementioned mini dress. Which I never wore. Ever. In fact, I recently found it in the bowels of my closet, tags dangling. My point, and I do have one, is that you’ve got to know how to try a trend. Neon pink mini dress? WHAT was I thinking? I'm too old for such a style OR a color, and where on EARTH was I going in that? How best to work in a new trend that you’re not quite sure you can pull off? An accessory. That neon pink color, in a skinny leather belt, would have been delish (cinching a black tunic over skinny khakis). It would also be yummy in a nylon clutch (Saturday night, dinner and a movie, boyfriend jeans and a sweater). OK, I’m glad we had this talk. Perhaps there are more occupational hazards in fashion than I thought.

Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet, $198;

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First Published December 6, 2011

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