Get a Leg Up with Bootights

No need to shiver in your booties. Meet the stylish and warm sock-tight hybrid.

by Deanna Pai • Fashion/Beauty Assistant
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Photograph: Courtesy of Bootights

Tights may be the go-to for winter weather legwear, but the state in which they leave your numb and frostbitten toes? Not so hot. Layering a pair of socks over them may seem like the obvious solution, but you risk stopping every five minutes to pull them back up once they inevitably slip down.

Keep your tootsies toasty with Bootights, an ingenious marriage of tights and socks. The socks hit different heights depending on your footwear of choice: anklet if you're wearing booties, and mid-calf for knee-high boots. The tights come in an array of knits, from a daring fishnet to cozy cable, but the more traditional need not fear—they also come in basic, office-appropriate styles like opaque black and heather grey.

The socks themselves are moisture-wicking, so your feet will be warm but not (get ready for the cringe) sweaty. One tester loved the socks so much that she cut them off a spare pair so she could wear them with jeans. A bonus: the tights are smoothing and provide control, essentially acting like Spanx for your legs. If you're not one for shapewear, however, consider going up a size.

The weather outside may be frightful...but your feet will be warm and cozy.

Bootights tights, $30 - $40;

First Published February 3, 2012

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