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Successful Work at Home Story

2008 will be another great year for me and my family and here’s why ...

After owning and operating four profitable outside brick and mortar businesses for the last twenty-five years (am I that old?), I decided it was time to stay home with my children. I always wanted to work from home, as one of my children is handicapped, but had to go the nanny route until I found a legitimate, easy, residual based business that did not involve parties, inventory, high pressure sales, repeat selling, and lots of work to make a little money. I knew the benefits of working from home, and craved quality family time with my children as I have been a single parent for twelve years now, it’s a hard road and takes quite a bit of money to raise three children this way. I also knew the power of residual income (every insurance agent gets rich this way), and wanted to promote a product that sold itself and that everyone *needed*, that it was not a *choice*.

Finally six years ago I found the business that is the only proven home business for the last twenty years, and I enjoy every single day that I wake up to work around my family needs and schedule. The funny thing is, I was a part of this business already, as a client, and didn’t know the service was sold by independent reps as I just picked up a brochure in a convenience store one day while paying for my gas and enrolled that way. After going over this billion dollar company with a fine tooth comb, I knew from years of business experience that this was a winner, and have been making more from home working twenty hours a week than I did for years working eighty hours a week. And I am not alone, there are 60,000 reps making money every day with my company, online and offline, for the last twenty years. We love what we do, and people thank us for sending them the information they need and want, and helping them get the services they must have at tremendous savings.

Do your homework, investigate all home businesses thoroughly, as there are no real *jobs* at home, but only if your present company has outsourced your current job for you to perform your duties at home. Believe me, as a webmaster online for over a decade, there are scams and false advertisements for home *jobs*, even on major search engines, chat rooms, classifieds, everywhere. Having a business background helped me, and now I help others achieve what I have in terms of earnings, time and lifestyle freedom, even financial freedom for a lifetime. You can read about my team in a national work at home publication recently, as I teach average everyday people how to earn the same earnings as their insurance agent, from home, with a product that is in high need and is not available in the insurance field. And you always thought that the joke about the insurance agent spending all his time on the golf course was a joke, didn’t you? It’s not, and I make the same income, paid the same way and work the same way from home, no license required! The only difference is, I spend my time with my family or doing what *I* want to do and not on the golf course. Don’t give up in your search, just be ready when you see the *real deal*, and don’t feel bad if you’ve tried and failed at so-called opportunities … most are not worth a pile of beans and would never make it in the *real world*, or are a scam!

Whatever you do, get out of the rat race, qui that JOB—that is, “Just,” “Over,” “Broke,” and stop making other people rich, they *will* hand you a pink slip in a heartbeat! Got to run, my phone is ringing!! Take care and God bless ...