Summer Hair Guide for Grownups

We won’t revisit how to French-braid and apply sun-in (so ’80s). What we will deal with: all the hair annoyances that plague you come Memorial Day. New frizz fighters? Check. Protection for an increasingly exposed scalp? Oh yeah. Plus help for sun-yellowed grays. We also weigh in on an age-old argument: to go summer short or not? So pour yourself a ’tini and get ready for a great-hair summer

by Christine Fellingham
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Photograph: Geof Kern

Ideally, you’d retire the blow-dryer this summer. The reality? You’ll need to drag it out occasionally (e.g., you must look polished in 20 minutes, and a damp bun won’t cut it). What helps is a dryer that gets you from damp to dry in next to no time. We’ve hunted down two.
Luxe and light
The Solano 3300 Xtra-Lite Dryer, below ($159;,boasts a powerful 1,800 watts for a speedy blowout. It also has tourmaline technology, which minimizes damage. The bonus? This is Solano’s lightest model yet (about the weight of a water bottle), so you won’t get overheated hoisting it over your head.
Inexpensive and fast
In its new Heat Flash Dry Blow Dryer ($40;, Goody has increased the rate at which hot air comes shooting at your hair. The promise? The Heat Flash will dry hair 35 percent faster than a traditional blower.
When it gets above 80 degrees, most of us want our hair off our necks. An elastic will suffice, but steer clear of thescrunchie—unless you like looking as if you stepped out of 1995. Here, accesso-ries for occasions when you care to make a little more effort.Next: Get Your Best Hair at 30, 40, 50, 60Want MORE? Sign up for our weekly newsletter. Try MORE on your iPad, for FREE. Get it here.

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