BAM! Superman Hooks Up with Wonder Woman!

Lois Lane is out and the warrior princess is in

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Quick! Someone get the Daily Planet on the line! Superman is in love and – Kabam! – Lois Lane is out and Wonder Woman is in! Oh, the scandal! Send Jimmy Olsen. We're gonna need art on this.

Today reports DC Comics is spicing up our favorite caped crusader’s love life, ending his marriage to the reporter and starting up a new one with the warrior princess. [With those fancy arm bracelets, she definitely is better accessorized.]

The cover of Justice League #12, out August 29, shows the pair in a steamy embrace – flying through the air, according to the news show. And, now, without having to pretend to be Clark Kent or Diana of Themyscira, they’re free to rock their powers openly. No offense to Lois, but that is kinda super, actually.

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