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Sure God is Love, But,...

Sure God is Love, But, If We Reject Him There are Consequences

Imagine your child comes to you and says, “I hate you; I don’t need you; go away and leave me alone!” How would you feel?

Would you express anger, would you be confused, or will their words upset you? Now you know how God feels when people fight to have his name removed from currencies, and the removal of his Holy word from being used to tell the truth in court?

Atheists consider themselves smart, educated human beings. What does God say about atheists?

Psalms: 14th chapter, verse 1 says, “The fool has said in his heart there is no God. The people, who say there is no God, heaven, nor hell, are considered fools in the eyes of God.” They will argue, “How does anyone know there’s a God?” I say, “How do you know there isn’t a God?”

God shows us his patience; he will forgive us if we come to him and ask for forgiveness.
A loving mother and or father would do the same if their children were to ask of their forgiveness. However, if we completely cut all ties from our parents, and never return to them, we may lose them forever. If we reject God, and never return to him, we will live forever without him. I could use the Holy Scriptures to support this, however, whether I use the Holy Bible to support these consequences or not, a person who refuses the law of God will dispute it.

God and loving parents are a lot alike.

God has created man in his own image.

A mother birthed a child; the child resembles her.

God prepared a beautiful place on earth for man to dwell.

The mother decorated a room in the house, beautiful to the sight of her child.

God gave man rules; the law of the garden was not to eat from the tree of good and evil.

As time goes by, the parents painstakingly teaches their child to be good.

God saw that man shouldn’t be alone, and created woman.

A mother had another child to keep the first child company.

God knew both man and woman had eaten of the tree of good and evil, from their actions.

The mother and father knows when their children had done the things they’ve told them not to do.

Has anyone ever told you not to do something? Afterwards, have you wondered why you shouldn’t do it? If there are no reasons in your mind why you shouldn’t do what they said not to do, you can bet your curiosity will get the best of you, especially if you are being dared to do it by so-called friends.

Sometimes there are consequences to the things we are warned not to do. We are warned not to do things that will hurt us, or cause us our lives. In the past, parents told their children, never to play with matches, run with scissors, hit your sister or brother, play in the street, and never to talk to strangers; for these actions may lead to unthinkable consequences.

II Peter: chapter 3, verse 9, “The Lord is not slow in fulfilling his promises; he’s nothing like the humans he has created his creation has only the image of God. God’s love is forever, and it’s not his intention that any of us should perish, he wants us all to come to repentance.”

People of the world, the spirit of God is among you. His hands are stretched out to you. He wants you to live with him in heaven forever. Do not reject Him, His Son, or the Holy Spirit. If you reject the Lord, He will reject you when you die.

Whoever blasphemes against the Holy Spirit can’t ever be forgiven; you are doomed to hell forever. St. Mark: Chapter 3, verse 29 says, “He that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost will not be forgiven, but is in danger of eternal damnation.” (This Scripture was written in red, which means Jesus Christ was talking.)

If you don’t want to go to hell when you die, say this prayer.

“Lord Jesus, come into my heart. Cleanse me from unholy ways, and thoughts. I confess with my mouth, the Lord Jesus Christ, and I believe in my heart that God has raised Jesus Christ from the dead, that I may have eternal life, for this, I am a born again Christian. Thank you Lord. Amen.”