Wanna Earn Six Figures? Try Elevator Repair

“Forbes” lists the 20 most surprising high-paying jobs

by Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Think your kid needs to attend law school or med school to bring home the bacon? Stop pushing. Forbes reports there are plenty of jobs that can net six-figure salaries but don’t necessarily take years of postgraduate education (or tuition) to land.

Using data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the magazine uncovered the 20 most surprising high-paying jobs. On the list: gaming managers; college-level home ec, art, drama and music teachers; art directors; theatrical and performance makeup artists; broadcast news analysts; authors; technical writers; farming managers; insurance sales agents; education administrators; loan officers; database administrators; human resources managers; arbitrators; animators; film editors; boat captains; transportation inspectors; and elevator installers and repairers.

Is it too late to go to elevator-repair school?

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