Susan Lucci Shares Her Thoughts About ‘All My Children’s’ Future

There is one thing Susan Lucci and her famous TV persona, Erica Kane, have in common: winning. So when Lucci’s husband of 42 years, Helmut Huber, told her he had a-fib (atrial fibrillation, an abnormal heart rhythm that increases one’s chances of having a stroke by five times), Susan pulled herself together and got educated. Today she and Huber are busy promoting their campaign Facing AFib ( and teaching the world how to save the ones you love. Below, in the edited version of our interview with her, learn about her husband's health condition and what it's like for 'All My Children' to say good-bye to ABC after so many years.

by Ilyssa Panitz • Celebrity Reporter
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More: Wouldn’t online be a better fit then television, since more people can log on to see it any time they want?
SL: Exactly. I love that aspect. People are so busy nowadays, and I love the notion that people would be able to watch at their convenience. It would be a great fit.

More: Where do things stand?
SL: Agnes Nixon is working on all cylinders to come up with new story lines and cliff hangers as we go forward. The last broadcast will be on September 23, and I now am in good company with her.

More: That last taping must have been devastating for you.
SL: Yes. That was a very hard day and an emotional day, too. But what made it so special was after we got canceled, everyone banned together. It was the most fantastic group of people I ever met, and everyone came to work with a smile on their face.

More: Whom do you blame for the end of the relationship between the network and this series?
SL: I don’t know. I question it, but I don’t know any answers.

More: Why has it been fun playing the devious Erica for more than 40 years?
SL: Because of the many inside voices that can come out. Erica is really so much fun and unpredictable. Also with Erica, I got to do the dramatic and the comical things with her.

More: Have your fans come up to you to express their sadness?
SL: They have followed me in public, on Twitter and on my website to share their feelings.

More: If AMC does go online, would you incorporate a-fib into a story line?
SL: Yes. I think that would be a great opportunity to continue getting the word out and spread our message.

More: Where would AMC tape? Los Angeles, or move back to New York City?
SL: I don’t know. If we do shoot in L.A., I am hoping it would allow me to come home to New York much the way I was doing before the show moved out West. We will see . . .

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First Published September 13, 2011

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