Woman of Interest: Susan Sarandon

She plays Robert De Niro’s lover in "The Big Wedding", slated to hit theaters in April of 2013. "Everyone in this film has a secret. [De Niro] has to pretend he’s still married to his ex-wife. I pretend to be the caterer at his son’s wedding. It’s fun and very sexy."

By David Hutchings
Photograph: © Annie Leibovitz/Contact Press Images

Her daughter, Eva Amurri, got married last year: I was so happy that the wedding went off seamlessly. The secret to a great wedding is: Only invite people you really want there.

Award showcase: I keep my Oscar in what my kids call “the famous bathroom.” Recently I lent it to the Museum of Natural History for a traveling show on gold. I thought Oscar would like to get out and see the world a bit.

Midlife surprise: I was told I could never have children. Then, in my late thirties, I miraculously got pregnant. I had two more children after that. Being a mother has made it easier to accept disappointments in my career and to deal with growing older. Now I have fun watching my kids try to figure out their lives, but I’m also always looking forward to my own next phase.

Fast-forward: The more mistakes you make and the more you suffer, that’s what gives you depth. I’ve made some fabulous mistakes in my life, but I believe I’ve learned from them and I’ve been pretty brave about jumping in again.

Life today: I’m more aware ofmy mortality, that’s for sure. I look around and see people my age dealing with really difficult challenges, and that’s frightening. But it’s also a good reminder that we should really use our lives. It’s not a long life that matters, but a deep one.


Originally published in the October 2012 issue of More

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