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By Susan Swimmer
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When I was in seventh grade, a new girl arrived at my humble, suburban school. She was from California, which to my pubescent ears sounded as exotic as Bali. Or something. She wore lots of things I’d never seen before, like ponchos and culottes. Oh yes, she was quite the trend-setter. When she arrived one day wearing moccasins I thought them the most exciting footwear I’d ever set eyes on (me of the penny-loafers-or-bust mentality).  

Flash forward many years (now) and although I still wouldn’t wear poufy, short pants (aforementioned culottes), I am giving moccasins a re-think. Why? I’m seeing them everywhere. At first I was dubious, and wondered if they’d work in my grown up wardrobe. These days I’m either wearing impossibly high heels, or I’m in ballet flats. I wondered, am I a Moc kind of gal? Would they look “polished” enough? Would they stay on my feet while I walked the city streets? Could I comfortably go sockless?

Yes, I tend to over think these things. And then I tried a pair on, and this is what I can report: They’re like slippers. SLIPPERS, I tell you. I bought them in an instant—suede, charcoal gray—and I have literally been wearing them ever since (six days, and counting). When it comes to comfort, they seriously can’t be beat. My advice? Go for easy-to-wear dark (neutral) hues (black, gray, navy, brown), that are universal enough to wear on your commute to work (before you put on those heels) AND on the weekends. Your feet will thank you, and you can thank me later.

Go! Buy! Be chic!

First Published May 3, 2011

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