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By Susan Swimmer
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It’s hard to look chic on a rainy day. We’ve all been there, have we not? For years I eschewed all garments made specifically for inclement weather. Slickers, hats, and my least favorite, umbrellas, but I have learned over time that a) bad weather happens, and b) it’s better all around to be prepared for it. The problem, of course, is that all the gear always looked so bulky to me. And uncomfortable, and sweat-inducing. And possibly a little ugly. Turns out, I was wrong!

I’m pleased to report that I am now the proud owner of jellies (more on this later), a rain coat, and not one but THREE umbrellas. The end result is that I no longer ruin beloved shoes (oh, the red, suede pumps that bit the dust one terribly stormy night last month), I have a perfectly adorable raincoat (it’s stylish enough to wear over jeans when I go out for drinks with friends, but professional enough to wear to work), and as for those umbrellas, well, it turns out they are amazingly proficient at keeping one dry (I’m able to save myself many a bad hair day, and THAT is something to celebrate). Hooray! If I didn’t already know what a Dodo bird I’ve been all these years (my nine year old daughter’s observation), I’d think myself a rainy day genius.  What to buy? A light weight rain coat in a classic style (belted trench, swing coat, anorak), preferably in a fun color (it's more uplifting, simple as that). Find an umbrella or two that compliments the coat, in a coordinating color (or some basic dark hue). For footwear, try jellies (those plastic, colorful shoes that little kids sometimes wear). In these warmer months, boots are just to darn hot. Jellies are the answer--your feet may get wet while you're walking, but at least you won't overheat. And they're stylish! It's a win-win.

Go! Buy! Be chic!


First Published May 3, 2011

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