Bosses Don’t Like Office Cursing? WTF?

Survey finds 57 percent of employers wouldn’t promote an employee who swears a lot at work

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Really wanna tick your [bleepin’] boss right the [bleep] off? Keep on cussing. It could [bleep] up your career.

According to a new Harris Interactive survey for CareerBuilder, 64 percent of bosses look down on employees who curse in the office, LiveScience reports. And 57 percent say they probably wouldn’t promote an employee who swears on the job like a sailor.

Still, 51 percent of respondents say they curse at work. The foulest mouths belong to workers in Washington, D.C.; Denver; Chicago; Los Angeles; and Boston.

We get it. Sometimes you want to honor the memory of George Carlin. But regularly tossing around f-bombs and the like in front of your boss and coworkers? Pardon our French, but WTF?

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