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Taco’s Story

Taco’s Story

In late June my husband rescued a little baby goat who was being severely abused. He brought it home to me, I already had nine goats, two of them were rescued also from an abusive situation. And of course I fell in love with this new baby also. I named him Taco. He was all red in color and very thin and sickly. But I thought we would be able to get him healthy and give him a good life.

So I called my vet and made Taco an appointment needless to say he was a very sick little guy. I had to give him antibiotic shots every day for a week. Well, he made it through the crisis and with alot of TLC he became very friendly and loving. He became best friends with another little goat that I have named Lola. They were always together. But just the other day Taco started to get sick again so I called my vet and took him in again. Well in spite of all our efforts we just couldn’t pull him threw it he went down hill fast and was suffering greatly. My vet said that it would be best to put him down and end his suffering.

It was more than I could bear I loved this little goat and I must say it was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I held him till he was gone. I felt like my heart broke when he died. I know most people think that I overreacted because he was only a goat but if anyone would have known him and seen just how much he suffered then still regained trust in people then they would see how easy it was to get so attached to him. I am a animal lover but even if I wasn’t, it wouldn’t have been hard to get attached to this loving little soul.

We took our little Taco home to bury him and while my son was burying him, I sat in the goat yard and watched crying. Then Lola came back to the back fence and was watching my son and she began to wine. Then one by one all of the other goats came back and stood close to me as if they knew what happened and wanted to comfort me. People say animals don’t understand but what I seen in my yard that day would change anyone’s mind about that. You see they never stand that close to each other with out pushing each other or fighting. But that day they were so peaceful and gentle that I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. They all were feeling the loss of our little one.

I wanted to share Taco’s story with everyone. Maybe if any of you see a animal being abused report it don’t ignore it. No animal should suffer abuse if a person is capable of torturing a little animal they would do the same to a child or even to you. So help me stop the abuse. We are all God’s creations.