Would You Encourage Your Teen to Have Sex at Home?

Parents say they'd prefer any funny business to happen under their own roofs.

By Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Being a cool mom no longer means greeting your daughter and her pals at the door with fresh baked chocolate-chip cookies (whether or not you whipped up the dough yourself or let Pillsbury do the work), planning mani/pedi parties or agreeing to let her take the family car for a spin.

Oh, no. Today’s cool mom is much less Donna Reed—or even Elise Keaton, or even Lily van der Woodsen—and much more Peg Bundy. ABC News reports a growing faction of parents are not only allowing their teens to get their freak on at home but are even encouraging them to do so.

The View cohost Elizabeth Hasselbeck reports on Good Morning America that some moms—such as Patty Skudlarek, who has an 18-year-old son—say they’re comfortable with their teens having sex and would prefer they do it at home.

"It's clean, usually the place they keep the condoms are in their bedroom,” Skudlarek tells GMA. "So then they're close by. And it's just an environment they're familiar with, as opposed to a motel, a car or a park or wherever they're doing it these days."

A parent panel set up by GMA was, not surprisingly, divided on the topic, while teens on a separate panel said the idea of having sex at their parents’ homes ranged from awkward to horrifying.

We say listen to your teens and try to be a little less cool.

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First Published July 5, 2011

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