Expiration Dating

Two new novels about midlife marriages.

By the MORE Books Editors
Bryan McCay


1. An Available Man

By Hilma Wolitzer



His beloved wife of almost 20 years has been in the ground all of two minutes when Edward Schuyler, mild-mannered sixtyish science teacher, discovers that he’s become a hot commodity. His friends start fixing him up. His matchmaking stepchildren take out a personal ad (“Erudite and kind, balding but handsome”). And women, as his wife once predicted, begin “crawling out of the woodwork.” Propelled onto the late-life dating scene, he runs a fascinating gamut of Ms. Wrongs—including a man-eater and a pathological old flame—before love, in a twist worthy of Jane Austen, saves the day. —Amanda Lovell


2. The Odds

By Stewart O’Nan


Art Fowler’s got nothing to lose. The economic downturn has taken his job, his house will soon follow, and his wife, -Marion—after years of trying to forgive him for having an affair—has decided she is not in love with anyone. But Art’s got a plan up his sleeve that involves a bridal suite at Niagara Falls, a diamond ring, all their liquidated assets and a roulette wheel. This compact page-turner of a novelexamines how much good luck a long-term marriage requires, and it dares to suggest that if Art risks everything, he just might win back all he ever really wanted: Marion’s trust and love.—Pam Houston

First Published January 3, 2012

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