This Is What 46 Looks Like

Giorgio Armani regional makeup artist Rhona Samuels on the link between cosmetics and confidence

As told to Nikki Ostasiewski
rhona samuels
Rhona Samuels
Photograph: Melanie Acevedo

On discovering the beauty industry
“I used to assist [news anchor] Hugh Downs, and when we’d go to the makeup chair before he went on air, I’d linger, asking for tips. Then I started to do my friends’ makeup. I finally decided to turn cosmetics into a career.”

On makeover miracles
“I love meeting women who are re-inventing themselves as a result of divorce, job hunting or just because they’re aging. The right makeup can boost your confidence.”

On her good-looks essentials
“I can’t live without Armani Designer Lift Foundation [$65; giorgio] or the Clarisonic Cleansing Brush [$119;].”

On her anti-aging secrets
“I run three miles daily with 2.5-pound weights. And I’ve replaced soda with green tea. But I love to cook. I’m Jamaican and am all about the spicy food. My specialty is jerk chicken.”

As told to Nikki Ostasiewski

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