10 Cool High-Tech Time Savers

In a world where an overwhelming number of options and information fills up your inbox hourly, these ten simple solutions can bring sanity to your workday. 

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1. The Livescribe Pen

The pen, which has a built-in microphone, can capture meetings and lectures and then, via a USB connector, transfer both the audio and corresponding written notes (penned on special paper) to your computer. Ideal when you want to focus on what’s being said but not have to worry about getting every detail nailed down on the spot.

$99.95; livescribe.com.

Courtesy of Livescribe

2. Evernote

This software functions as a digital file cabinet, allowing you to capture in one easy-to-search digital storage location all the notes you create for any topic, client, project, idea, etc. In addition, you can add snapshots of Web pages, link a URL to a particular note and attach audio files and photos.

Free; evernote.com.

Courtesy of Evernote

3. Zenbe Lists

This app has the basic key features, such as due dates, priority and custom sorting, without all the other clutter and confusion of some to-do programs. It also allows you to easily share your lists via email.

$5; zenbe.com/lists.

Courtesy of Zenbe

4. PomodoroPro


Looking for a simple way to enhance your concentration while reducing distractions? This app is based on the Pomodoro Technique created by Francesco Cirillo. Using a timer, the app helps you apply yourself to specific tasks by working in time blocks of 25 minutes each, including a five-minute break in between.

$2.99; pomodorotechnique.com

Courtesy of Pomodoro Technique

5. WordBook

In an age where e-books, blogs and tweets play a major part in promoting a business, having the right words at your disposal is a marketing no-brainer. The next time you’re stumped for a synonym, simply type in a word and get instant access to a dictionary definition, a thesaurus and a link to Wikipedia—all rolled into one app.

Cost $3.99; trancreative.com.

Courtesy of WordBook

6. BC Reader

Don’t have the time to enter all those business cards you collected at the conference into your mobile device? This two-step app allows you to import contact information from a business card directly to your mobile address book.

$4.99; shapeservices.com.

Courtesy of Shape Services

7. BlueAnt Q2 Platinum Bluetooth Headset

Providing superior sound quality, this mobile headset allows you to store up to 2000 mobile phone contacts that are automatically transferred at initial setup and then enables you to use voice activation to dial.

$99; myblueant.com.

Courtesy of BlueAnt

8. Inspired Message Boards

Part of the Peter Walsh you.organized collection created for OfficeMax, the interchangeable units allow you to customize how you use the vertical space in your office or work area. Units include: dry erase board system with a calendar board, cork boards, magnetic magazine organizers, key hooks, pen compartments, photo holders and more.

Price varies depending on unit; officemax.com.

Courtesy of Peter Walsh

9. Dropbox

A streamlined way to quickly share files with others and create a backup of all your photos, docs and videos. Any file you save to your Dropbox becomes saved to all your computers, mobile phonesand the Dropbox website.

Free; dropbox.com.

Courtesy of Dropbox

10. 1Password

If you have ever suffered the stress of forgetting a password, 1Password software is the solution. 1Password can create strong, unique passwords for you, remember them and restore them, all directly in your Web browser. Available on Mac, Windows, iPhone, iPad and Android.

$39.99; agilebits.com/products/1Password.


Karen Leland is a freelance journalist, best-selling author and president of Sterling Marketing Group, where she helps businesses negotiate the wired world of today’s media landscape — social and otherwise. For questions or comments, please contact her at kleland@scgtraining.com


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Courtesy of Agile Bits

First Published July 18, 2011

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