Activist Wants New Yorkers to Know Their Right to Bare Breasts

Moira Johnston says state law allows women to be topless in public

by Lesley Kennedy • Reporter

Sometimes, when it’s, like, 101 scorching degrees out and we’re simply sweltering in the summer heat, we really wish we could rip our blouse and bra right off and bounce home from work topless as we catch a smidgen of a breeze.

Well, actually, no, we’ve never felt like that, but Moira Johnston wants you to have the right to bare your breasts, the Daily Beast reports, and she’s on a scantily clad mission to let New Yorkers know they can ditch their tops if they want to.

The 29-year-old topless dancer calls herself a “topless activist,” according to the website, and she’s been strolling around Manhattan recently to draw attention to the fact that New York State law allows women to be topless in the same places men are allowed to be seen without a shirt on.

Like the yoga studio. Or the park. Or the street.

“I want women to know their rights and to give them the courage to go topless, too,” Johnston tells the Daily Beast. “It’s not that I want everyone to take off their shirt, but I’m supporting a woman’s choice to do it and think every woman should do it on her own terms.”

Hey, at least it would save on dry-cleaning bills.

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