‘Twiggy Effect’ Has Women Saying to Hell with Dressing Their Age

The stylish '60s model still inspires older women to wear what they want, survey finds. 

By Lesley Kennedy • MORE.com Reporter

Think fashion when you’re older than 50 means dressing dowdy? Um, have you seen the likes of Helen Mirren, Susan Sarandon or Jane Fonda?

A new study finds women ages 50 to 74 are looking to these and other older style setters, London’s Daily Mail reports. Two thirds of respondents say they don't worry about their age when they’re shopping for clothes. The survey, from the U.K.’s Saga magazine, calls the results "the Twiggy Effect,” after the waif model who is still considered a trendsetter in Britain at 61.

The survey found that of women ages 50 to 59, 20 percent wear leggings and 20 percent rock a bikini, while 75 percent wear jeans, according to the Daily Mail. However, there are some trends that older women wisely avoid, including miniskirts, Daisy Dukes, belly shirts, leather pants and jumpsuits.

Proof that women really do get wiser with age.

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First Published July 5, 2011

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